In our modern societies, many misconceptions have been associated with Islam. In Radwan’s Paradise, we will help you to have a good understanding of Islam, and clear up any misinterpretation of its beautiful teachings.

Contrary to what some people may think, Islam is not a new religion. It is believed that it is as old as time, and that God has revealed the same truth through all His prophets and messengers. Islam is also not just a religion for Arabs; in fact more than 80% of Muslims are not Arabs. Islam has more than one billion faithful followers, who belong to different races, nationalities and cultures.

The word “Islam” is an Arabic word that comes from the same root as the word “salam”, which means “peace”. Islam is a religion of peace, and true Muslims have nothing to do with the unfortunate events that have come to be attached to their faith.

Disregard any image of Islam you have acquired from the media, and have our knowledgeable instructors answer each and every query you might have, and direct you to more reliable sources of information.

New Muslims

Converting to a new religion can be a cumbersome journey, and converts may sometimes feel isolated. As such, in Radwan’s Paradise, we welcome and offer support to newly practicing Muslims. Our aim is to provide them with a community that will act as a support group, where they can build a solid foundation for their new faith.

All information that pertains to Islam is easy to read, however, it also goes without saying, that it can sometimes be exceedingly confusing, given the huge volumes, as well as the various sources of information that are available out there. This is why our trainers are always available to walk you through the various Quranic Verses and Hadiths.

In Radwan’s Paradise:
o Learn Quranic Arabic to read and understand the text on your own. 
o Become familiar with the Islamic culture and etiquette.
o Learn about basic concepts, such as, fasting, prayers, dress code, moral character, etc…

Join our community and gain access to constant support and online resources, meet fellow new Muslims, and attend lessons with our highly qualified instructors.