In recent times, many misconceptions have developed with respect to Islam. In Radwan’s Paradise, we will help you develop a better understanding of Islam and deconstruct the misinterpretations of its rich and beautiful teachings.

Islam is not a new religion. It is believed to be as old as time, with God revealing the same consistent truth through all of His many prophets and messengers. Additionally, Islam is not a religion exclusively practiced by Arabs. In fact, more than 80% of Muslims are not Arabs. Islam has more than one billion faithful followers, all of whom belong to a multiplicity of different races, nationalities and cultures.

The word “Islam” is an Arabic word that comes from the same root as the word “salam”, which means “peace”. Islam is thus a religion of peace, and true Muslims are far removed from the global events that have come to be falsely attached to their faith.

We encourage you to set aside the negative image of Islam that you may have acquired from the media, and immerse yourself in the true meaning of this ancient faith. Allow our knowledgeable instructors to answer all of your questions, and direct you to further study through more scholarly sources.

Radwan’s Paradise offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore Islam from a new perspective, where the goal is to provide information and insights you won’t find in the international press.


New Muslims

Converting to a new religion can be a difficult and bewildering journey, and converts can come to feel isolated along the way. In Radwan’s Paradise, we welcome and offer support to newly practicing Muslims. Our aim is to provide you with a community that will act as a support group; a place to build a solid foundation for your new faith.

While information on the Islamic faith is easily accessible, it can also be confusing. The subject matter is voluminous, and there are a huge variety of sources to draw from.  This is why our trainers are always available to walk you through the various Quranic Verses and Hadiths, deepening your understanding and accelerating your progress.

In Radwan’s Paradise:

- Study Quranic Arabic so that you can read and understand the text on your own

- Become familiar with Islamic culture and etiquette

- Learn about basic concepts such as fasting, prayers, dress code, moral character, and a host of other faith-based and cultural norms

Join our community to gain access to constant support and online resources. You will also be able to meet fellow new Muslims and attend lessons with our highly qualified instructors.