Document Translation

Ever-increasing globalization has made access to reliable and efficient translation services an imperative in most industries. Businesses in countries around the world need to both understand input from abroad, and to be able to communicate effectively in return. For a full and comprehensive translation, you need the services of professional linguists who can convey the complete meaning of your text.


  • The One Tongue team of translation professionals are experienced, knowledgeable, and capable of unravelling the most complex passages of text in numerous foreign languages.
  • They will find solutions to the problems that are inherent in translation, and provide you with seamless, naturally flowing prose.
  • We employ the services of native speakers, trained professionals who are well versed in the cultural sensitivities and nuances of their mother-tongue.

    The variety of materials we routinely translate is incredibly vast, and includes employee handbooks, legal contracts, manuals, website content, software content, brochures, reports, procedures, and a host of other business and personal documents.