eLearning Translation

Entering a foreign market necessarily involves adapting training and eLearning programs for new employees and customers.  Different cultures bring varying perspectives and our learning materials reflect these diverse world-views. Successful adaptations not only take into consideration cultural experiences, but build on the unique perspective each student brings to the learning experience.

Services include:

  • Translation of online curricula
  • Development of curricula in a new language
  • Addition of subtitles to existing visual media
  • Multi-media production of tutorials
  •  Working with Two Eyes, a global company that specialises in technological solutions, we also offer video collaboration through our distance training and learning platform.

    The advantages of professionally translating your eLearning materials include:

  • Relieving students and employees from the difficulties of translating the materials themselves
  • Providing educational materials in multiple languages enhances their impact, reach and reputation
  • Ensuring that all workers receive the same level of knowledge and are not disadvantaged by being presented with material they don’t fully understand. If you need your employees to acquire and retain information, you need to provide training in their native language.