Multimedia Localization

We, at One Tongue, have been localizing all kinds of content for a long time. It is well within our knowledge how complicated a process multimedia localization can be. There are many resources involved, and they have to be well coordinated with the numerous procedures that are necessary for the development of the media at hand.

It is necessary to be savvy in the usage of the latest recording facilities. Various hardware and software will also be part of the process and thus require specific expertise as well, depending on the kind of localization taking place. Ensuring all this also helps to affirm the proper synchronization of the multiple distinct components that are part of the multimedia product (audio, video, and text). One Tongue employs very highly-competent professionals who can efficiently utilize the necessary tools to produce satisfying results.

We can offer you localization for many multimedia services, including:

  • Voice-overs 
  • Transcription of the original master
  • Translation of scripts
  • Translation and production of subtitles
  • Audio and video post-production
  • Art and graphics localization
  • Animation localization
  • The cultural analysis of multimedia content
  • Quality assurance for multimedia content
  • With our vast array of professionals ready to serve you, we are eager to cater for all your multimedia localization needs.