Marketing Localization

People can do very little to effectively influence things that they do not know about. The same goes for marketing. If you do not adequately market your organization, causes, products, or services, customers won’t even know about them, let alone support and endorse them.

Experience at One Tongue tells us that marketing does face certain difficulties. Certain types of messages and narratives may be well received in certain regions, yet poorly received in others. Considering the massive cultural differences between populations that still exist, it would be necessary to meet your audience halfway and give them a message they can relate to. 

  • We can localize software and entire websites to offer more culturally appeasing content.
  • We can provide multilingual SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • We can advertise brands and make them seem like they belong to the target market. This requires some degree of research and understanding of the local demographics.
  • We can also provide localization for collateral marketing materials and brochures.
  • We are able to handle email marketing translation, and multilingual desktop publishing.
  • All of these services are performed by competent professionals who know how to attain results. We can, at One Tongue, find ways to integrate awareness of the product or service into the target market in a seamless way.

    The benefits to localizing your marketing are numerous:

  • Localizing your product can make its acquisition to the customer more of a fruitful addition to their lives rather than a flamboyant accessory. The same holds true for services, and even the brand images themselves.
  • The messages being localized won’t seem weird and out of place, and you also stand a greater chance of being highly-esteemed by your target customers if your marketing is localized correctly.