Game Localization

Video Games have become very advanced and recognized worldwide. Today, they include some of the deepest puzzles, most thrilling action and most engaging stories that were once solely produced by theater and literature.

In order to remain competitive, many gaming developers have had to innovate their games in many different ways in order to retain their mass appeal to growing markets (that consist of millions of players). While doing this the developers have had to take into account the players’ distinctive cultural backgrounds and aesthetic tastes.

One Tongue is keen on assisting aspiring game developers with spreading their games as far and wide as possible, and one way this can be made possible is through localization.

  • We can change existing terms with those that are more culturally appropriate when making translations.
  • We are also prepared to determine if certain parts of the game’s storyline need to be changed in order to avoid arousing sensitivities in a particular society.
  • Certain content may also need to be removed or censored, and we can also advise our clients on what they may choose to add in order to make the game more appealing.
  • Localizing a game lets gamers know that developers care about them. Adhering to certain customs or even having other cultural adornments spring up as hidden or bonus content can go a long way in making a gamer fall in love with playing what you worked so hard to make.