We do Editing to ensure that the best words are used to exhibit the intended meaning. We also look to make the publication more suitable for its intended audience. Editing is a very important part of the translation and publication process.

  • One Tongue editors have the authority to recompose entire paragraphs if need be.
  • They can also change the style of translation as they see fit.
  • For the most part, though, our editors do not alter the passages themselves. Rather, they analyze the work and make recommendations for improvement. These recommendations are then relayed to the translators of the original publication. It is then left to the translators’ discretion for the implementation of the recommendations. This implementation may either be full or partial.

    There are many problems that occur in producing translations which editing can solve. For one thing, editing can prevent confusion amongst readers. Such confusion tends to arise from an unsuitable choice of words during translation. It also occurs when phrases cannot be directly translated. Our editing attempts to minimize the resulting ambiguity as much as possible.