Proofreading is the last step in Quality Assurance. The proofreader compares between the translation to the original. It is to ensure that the document is free of spelling and punctuation error, and incorrect use of language. 

Presentations, speeches, books, scripts, contracts, etc. all fall under Proofreading’s scope. The document or publication needs to be closely appraised. Proofreaders should not allow for any misspellings, syntax errors, grammar mistakes etc. to take place. Doing this requires a high level of  knowledge, and One Tongue proofreaders are best qualified for this.

Documents and publications with poor grammar are often the subject of jokes. One Tongue’s proofreading is capable of circumventing all this. It is not advisable to risk your professional reputation by failing to proofread. If you leave this task to One Tongue, know that your publication will be in safe hands.