Escort Interpretation

Escort Interpreters do not only interpret, but they can perform many other roles as well.

  • They act as bridges to new cultures and can help explain many unfamiliar things.
  • They do perform tasks as simple as ordering your food. But they are also the ones who can secure you lucrative business deals.
  • They can help you navigate while traveling and with much more.
  • Such interpreters may be hired for individuals or for groups. You can hire one when you are planning to travel. You can also hire one when you are hosting guests of foreign backgrounds. We, at One Tongue, strive hard to make talking to people from different backgrounds as convenient as possible for you.

    We have all experienced events where people have spoken languages different from our own. The language barrier can be a massive obstacle when conducting business. We can’t always carry our phones with us to translate what is being said. And it is always better to have someone there to provide native translation anyway.

    As always, It is One Tongue’s pleasure to help you with your needs.