Whispering Interpretation

In certain circumstances, you may rather have the translation conveyed to you discretely. It may be due to a desire for privacy or to not disrupt the group as a whole. For this, we can provide you with our whispering interpretation service.

One Tongue’s interpreter sits right beside the client. While the speaker voices out his message, our interpreter would listen intently before whispering into our client’s ear. There is no need for any specific equipment to carry this out. You only need your own ears and a shared language with the interpreter. 

This service can be applied to all environments where silence is required from the audience. Certain business meetings and lectures may not allow participants to speak freely. Other settings, simply may not allow for the use of special equipment. 

  • Having an interpreter whisper to you is useful for preserving group tranquility.
  • It is also useful for interpretation on the go. This is because of the lack of equipment involved.
  • Business secrets and key decisions can also be deliberated quietly.