Relay Interpretation

Relay Interpretation requires two or more different interpreters. For example, let’s say English is the intermediary language. Relay interpretation would then proceed as follows:

  • First, the speaker would speak in the source language.
  • Next, Interpreter A will translate from the source language to English.
  • Following that, Interpreter B will translate from English to the target language.
  • Relay Interpretation is needed when all audiences speak different or rare languages, or when interpreters with knowledge of both target and source languages are unavailable. One Tongue ensures that each party, thus would receive his own respective interpreter to satisfy every particular language request.

    This kind of interpretation is usually used for very diverse meetings or conferences. This could even be done via video conferencing. Through our partnership with Two Eyes, we are able to offer you any of the required equipment to ensure that all your interpretation needs are met.

    There would be very few roads too far for your business if it uses relay interpretation. It is a solution that enables your outreach to cover even the most remote of regions.