Phone Interpretation

Many technologies are available for our convenience, and not all people can afford to hire on-site interpreters. With this in mind, we present our affordable phone interpretation service. VOIP technologies present a cheaper alternative, and we ourselves do try to help our clients save on costs.

  • You would have to pre-arrange for a session with our professional interpreter.
  • Throughout the entire call the minutes you spend with our interpreter will be tallied.
  • This tally will then be logged and charged accordingly. The charges depend on the agreement that you have in place with us. 
  • We may also provide service for spontaneous calls for interpretation requests. However, this is subject to availability. This can be useful when you are traveling and would like an instant interpretation of what you hear.

    Phone interpretation allows you to have your spoken thoughts translated from anywhere with a phone network. It is extremely convenient and is relatively cheap. Especially when compared to hiring interpreters in person. You can freely travel to any location of your choosing.

    With our phone interpretation service, you can speak to anyone, anywhere.