Video Remote Interpretation

This is basically a form of video calling. Users can see each other or anything they choose to exhibit on camera. It requires a phone, with support for the app that was specially developed with the incredible support of our partner, Two Eyes.

 This kind of service is necessary for sign language interpretation if it is to be done remotely. The signs must be conveyed through the camera on video if the client is deaf. It is also necessary if the client requires graphical signs for his interpretation. 

  • Just like Phone Interpretation, VRI sessions with us would have to be pre-arranged.
  • Languages and the duration have to be settled beforehand.
  • We will direct you to the app you need to use.
  • After that, you will only have to follow some easy steps to configure the app.
  • When the time for the arranged session comes, you can then log into your account. Our interpreter will be waiting for you and will remain until the session ends.
  • Video Remote Interpretation is useful for providing more context than regular phone calls. This is because of the imagery provided by the video. It assists the interpreter in understanding the situation much more effectively. Using this service also allows the interpreter to convey facial expressions and body language.