Sign Language Interpretation

The learning process for interpreting sign language is a long and tricky one. One Tongue has on its team only those who are properly qualified.

Our interpreter would usually accompany the client to their designated meeting or conference. He would firstly communicate verbally with the speaker. Then, he would use specific signs to address the client when needed.

There are two options available for you:

  • One Tongue’s sign language interpreter can serve the client in person.
  • Alternatively, he can serve you via Video Remote Interpreting. This allows the client to utilize the services of our interpreter from any location. 
  • Employing our sign language interpreters is a very strong gesture of goodwill. Your own clients will know that you are prepared to accommodate all of them. The trust between you and them, thus has a greater opportunity for growth. Sign Language Interpretation can go a long way in making others feel special.