Terminology Management

One Tongue, as a well-versed translation company, understands very well the role of terminology management. We have, on numerous occasions, undertaken industry-specific projects and are thus well equipped to make this process as easy as possible.

Here is how it works.

  • Terminology Management is a translation memory bank that contains corresponding pairs of source and target text segments (in other words; a multilingual glossary).
  • The terms in the bank are carefully and intelligently assembled, and are then stored for future reference or use, which even enables them to be used by different translation teams should the need arise.
  • The more extensive the translation memory bank becomes, the more cost-effective and time-efficient translations and updates will be.
  • For most projects that clients attempt with translation companies, technical translation services are often out of context and contain minimal reference materials. The materials can thus be very confusing, unnecessarily complicated, and/or outright mistaken in certain areas. One Tongue prevents such issues by maintaining a glossary and term base for each client, exclusively compiled with specific and properly contextualized terminology related to the industry.

    There are of course many benefits of consistent terminology. These include: a smoother review process, an accelerated translation process, and a richer brand value.

    Proper terminology management is more than a simple dictionary filling experience. The process comprises of One Tongue’s guidance and the client’s input. There are a lot of steps and decisions to take, but we are happy to help you as much as possible until the project comes through.