The transcriber needs to be very quick with his writing so as not to miss anything being said, and should not make any mistakes when transcribing either, so it is a job that requires a lot of concentration.

The tools used for transcription need to be purpose-built and ideally should be able to transmit information in a digital format as well. Inefficient or low-quality equipment can lead to recorded voices sounding vague and unclear. It also requires an expert at content and intonation, and an understanding of the target audience.

However, you don’t need to worry about the costs of buying expensive high-quality equipment or spending hours studying all of your intended audiences when you can simply leave the job to us instead.

You can transcribe live sessions, conferences, lectures, speeches, court trials and criminal investigations, etc. We can send a transcriber to be present throughout the entire event and note down everything necessary before analyzing and deciding what needs to be localized. 

Localizing your transcriptions can be of great benefit to your company. If your company is multinational or you have employees from various backgrounds, then it can ensure that your data is well understood by all corners, and can ease the delegation of tasks to different departments who have different roles to fulfill with the gathered data.