We’ve all watched foreign films and television series that somehow have their characters speaking our native languages. How is that possible?

It is done through a process known as dubbing. This process is used to readjust film and video content globally. The original script of the media is taken and analyzed before attempting to procure a new script that, once read out, matches the lip-movement of the original actors’ voice-casting. 

Dubbing is useful for those who intend to export movies and television shows, TV advertisements, video games, educational videos, and so much more.  Any kind of media that involves some form of coherent speech can be dubbed, and you can rely on One Tongue to have it dubbed professionally.

The benefits to dubbing are numerous and remarkable: 

  • Videos that are dubbed will provide a more complete experience for viewers who would like to understand their favorite TV shows, without having to rely on reading subtitles.
  • This also applies to video games, commercials, and documentaries.
  • When a business is moving into new locales, dubbing can play a major role in adapting training and eLearning videos to deliver targeted, relevant instruction to new employees and customers.
  • Dubbing can also be used to change the content of a video if necessary, as it would be in certain countries with more sensitive audiences who would require additional censoring in their television programs.
  • If you would like to have your media dubbed, look no further than One Tongue to provide you with the best service.