Some programs feature instances where you see someone speaking a foreign language yet what you hear is another voice speaking over the original (which can still be heard in the background). This  is known as “voice-over”.

We know all of the pains and struggles that lay the groundwork for a successful voice-over:

  • It requires new voice-actors who need to do a similar or even superior job at voice-acting than their counterparts who were part of the program’s original voice cast.
  • Precise timing that is synchronized with the character’s lip movements (with a different language) is a must for some companies, and all the intonations, emotions, and character role-playing have to be on-par with the original voice actor.
  • Lip-synching and voice-overs may be required for live presentations, television, radio, voicemails, and many other media formats. 

    Unlike dubbing, voice-overs do not overwrite the program’s entire audio and instead only replace certain voices within designated segments.

  • Doing voice-overs, can ensure your viewers receive an experience as close as possible to the original.
  • It also eliminates the need for (much more expensive to produce) complete soundtracks that require many more instruments and equipment for creating new sound effects.
  • We, at One Tongue, can provide you with a perfectly localized script, and secure voice-actors who know how to fit the roles required of them.