Website Localization

Almost anyone today with a smartphone or a computer can access your website  wherever they may be.  One Tongue specializes in  altering and fine-tuning an existing website so that it can leave as big an impact as possible on the traffic it receives.

  • With some study, we can determine what kind of thematic modifications should be made to the site’s content based on its target audience or the demographics of the traffic that it most frequently receives.
  • We can thoroughly analyze the website and identify which areas would be most suited for localization. We can also translate as much website content as you would like us to.
  • The layout and navigation of the website can also be altered according to the website’s frequent visitors’ regular usage patterns.
  • We can also adapt pictures, colors, and symbols according to specific cultural tastes.
  • If you want us to test your website’s current localization or do some localization Q & A and provide some advice, we would be more than happy to do so. We would also be willing to engineer localization solutions if you are uncertain as to how to go about it.

    Localizing your website, for specific traffic, makes it more endearing and also gives your website’s traffic a stronger reason to visit it again. It makes your website seem more amicable to its audience and can increase their satisfaction.