Linguistic Testing

One Tongue can provide professional quality assurance testing that includes several steps to ensure your project reaches a sufficient grade to be released.

Such testing is applicable to many kinds of company projects, including websites and software.

  • All products have to go through rigorous functional and linguistic testing as part of the localization process.
  • We perform verification of proper semantic usage and language appropriateness of your product’s localized user interface.
  • Our tests are conducted by examiners with general linguistic proficiency experts at specific languages, or an optimal collaboration between both sets of professionals, depending on your preferences.
  • Without sufficient linguistic testing, a product may be good in some versions yet fall short in others. We do all of this to ascertain consistency in user experience across all languages. The project also has to reliably exhibit correct and accurate behavior in all applicable situations, both linguistic and functional. Both of these testing approaches are critical for the general product building cycle. The tests can unravel numerous different flaws within the software’s or product’s localized version.

    Bugs and glitches, and poor language usage reflect badly on the company, and it can also render the product difficult to use and result in users or customers turning away and resorting to alternatives. So we strongly encourage you to properly test your product before releasing it and what better way than to leave this tiring, yet crucial job to the hands of professionals?