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One Tongue is a leading language service provider that promotes unity across different cultures through the acquisition of language skills and provision of translation services. We believe that language is the single greatest asset that brings people together, breaking down the barriers which create a cultural divide.  Our goal is to ensure that people comprehend not only the spoken word, but capture the layered meaning which is built on history, nuance and native idioms. At the end of the day, we want people to truly understand each other, in all of their rich diversity.

Translation Services

Accurate and precise translation is central to the lives of people in all walks of life. Removing language barriers draws people together, opening foreign markets and enhancing global communications.  It is something we strive to achieve in all that we do.



The art of interpretation requires skill, dedication and patience. Professional translation is about far more than merely exchanging a word in one language for another in a foreign tongue. To convey authenticity, translation services must focus on all of the intangibles that give language real meaning - things like inflection, word selection, cultural idioms and dialect. Only then do simple words truly come to life.

  • Interpretation services are integral to a wide variety of multinational industries and business ventures looking for new clients in the global marketplace.
  • They are also used in a host of public setting such as universities, courts, and hospitals.
  •  Wherever there is a need for two parties from different cultures to be able to communicate effectively, you’ll find professional translators at work.

    One Tongue interpretation services remove the language barriers that may be preventing you from expanding your market share. Translation can help you make connections, pursue new opportunities, and see things more clearly from your client’s perspective.



    Here, at One Tongue, the localization process is highly detailed and sophisticated and is meant for the adjustment of foreign content so that it becomes more suitable for the tastes and culture of the targeted local audience. It requires a large amount of research and detailed analysis of the lifestyle and conventions for the targeted demographic. Changes would be made within the product that may undermine its value to the intended populace.

    It is thus beyond any form of doubt that localization would be the wisest choice for companies who intend to export their products or services to foreign markets. People are always more likely to trust those they recognize, and localization aids a company’s recognition. The potential payoffs are enormous and the company’s growth would only multiply if the local people are fond of the company and willing to embrace it with open arms.


    Translation involves the substitution of words in a source language to their equivalent in a foreign tongue. Beyond that, meaning is also conveyed by context, cultural norms, and the common usage of certain phrases and linguistic concepts. There are times, however, when the words themselves are secondary to the idea or emotion that is being conveyed. That’s where transcreation takes over.

    Our transcreation experts have mastered not only the target and source languages, but are creative thinkers in their own right. They can successfully take an innovative idea and craft a parallel message in another language that will inspire the same response as the original.

    The move from translation to transcreation should be taken for any text that is drafted with the intent of eliciting a particular emotion or response. Examples include taglines, slogans, logos, brand names, product and sales copy, campaign materials, videos and commercials.

    The rewards of using transcreation to prepare your business or media materials for a foreign audience include:

  • Encouraging people from a different culture to engage with your product in the same way as your original consumer base
  • Increasing your exposure and attracting global recognition
  • Enhancing sales or participation by evoking the intended response from your audience
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of culturally inappropriate messaging
  • Machine Translation

    Machine translation uses software to convert text into another language. It does not involve an added layer of human oversight, and is a quick and cost-effective option for translating a significant amount of material under time constraints.

    One Tongue provides enhanced machine translation through the use of specialised dictionaries that have been professionally tailored to specific industries and disciplines.  This ensures that we are able to deliver an affordable alternative without sacrificing consistency or accuracy.

    Machine Translation is a great option if you’re constrained by budget and just need to glean the information contained within a particular piece of text.  Most importantly, the service is fully automated and thus available wherever and whenever you need it.

    Training Programs

    Our cultural and language programs are founded on the understanding that people from different backgrounds relate more easily when they forge common bonds. Emphasizing what we have in common, while embracing diversity, is the key to respect and dignity.



    "We are enjoying our Arabic lessons. Little by little, we are learning some. Our teacher is very enjoyable person and knows a lot. We also enjoy the culture part of the lessons. We can ask any question and he is always willing to answer."


    "My language training is going great! I could not be happier with my teacher. He is very good and I only wish I could learn as well as he instructs. It will take me some time, but I'm happy with my progress so far."


    "We have made great progress. We are chatting in Arabic! I have an excellent teacher, just what I need to get extra motivated."


    "I have had about five lessons now with my new tutor. Everything is going very well. He is helping my comprehension and conversation. Both of my tutors have been excellent. Thanks again! Ma'assalama!"


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