At One Tongue, “Family First” is not a phrase we take lightly. We understand the importance of taking care of family members. We assist you on how to perfectly get settled in your new place of assignment, we equally seek to ensure that members of your family are well catered for. Through tackling specific topics throughout the training, your family navigates the hardships that come with moving from home. This way, they do not only handle the changes that come with moving with ease, but they can adjust as fast in their new environment.

There is nothing that makes the move easier other than knowing that every member of your family is being assisted by the right people.

Offspring Training

There are very distinct challenges that are particularly hard for children whose parents relocate. Some of these might include language barriers, being thrown into new unfamiliar routines, and having to leave behind their friends. 

With the understanding of the above challenges, we have come up with a program that seeks to ensure that kids are given an environment where they explore cross-cultural changes. Through offering their insights into their adaptation processes, they deal with homesickness in a manner that works for them.


Spouse Training

The cultural differences that relocated spouses are expected to deal with are outstanding, from having to take care of their families in regions whose culture sometimes might be beyond hard to understand, to having to behave in a particular manner in that society.

Our Spouse training program offers you the very essential tools that assist your spouse to deal with what might happen in the course of your relocation. This program therefore is important in helping these spouses to interact in a manner that the natives consider culturally appropriate. We also provide spouses with skills in conflict resolution and skills to deal with emergencies.


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