We understand how hard it is for one to be sent on assignment abroad, especially in a country where one has never been to. Our Expatriate Programs seek to assist individuals who live and work in foreign countries. We provide them with ways to cope with various cultural challenges.

We offer you formal training on different cultural elements before you embark on an international assignment, and right before you go back to your home country.

Our Expatriate Programs are extensive and cover all the elements of a people’s culture, such as:

  • The laws that govern the host country.
  • The new society's values, and their business culture.
  • The way they go about their day-to-day affairs.
  • These programs provide you with the incredible possibility of contacting us round the clock. In case of any inevitable occurrences that might prove difficult to handle on your own, we offer you qualified personnel who provide you with face-to-face or telephone coaching on how to deal with that particular situation.


    Cultural Survival Training

    Cultural Survival Training provides you with tips to interact with your colleagues and among other communities as a new assignee.  We ensure that we are extremely comprehensive with issues that cover the day-to-day interactions so you can navigate new cultural environments with ease. 

    For all of our clients who have extremely busy schedules, We provide them with Phone Coaching. One Tongue's cross-cultural expert will answer every single question you might have, via the phone. This is also done at the time most appropriate for you.


    Repatriation Training

    After a well-done job abroad, we make sure that you settle smoothly in your home country. All the elements of a repatriate’s life are  properly addressed, on both professional and personal platforms.

    With the assistance of our highly-trained experts, we offer you ways through which you can cope with reverse culture shock that you might experience upon repatriation. This way, you make personal changes that correspond to the social norms that might be expected of you by those you left behind.


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