Our Global Business Program has been specifically designed for the management teams of organizations that target global markets. This training helps participants learn how to effectively communicate in business settings, across cultures. 

For instance, in certain cultures, there are various practices that are held with the utmost respect. When, for example, conducting business meeting in a place such as China, you need to make sure that you have addressed everyone accordingly, by the use of their official titles, such as the Chairman, the Director, etc.. You are expected to address people from the most senior person in the room going down through the ranks. Also the manner through which you issue your business card is quite significant. You are supposed to hand it out with both of your hands.

The importance of being aware of cross-cultural beliefs, as well as practices can't be emphasized enough. We ensure that every participant is sufficiently prepared to deal with the various cultural aspects of a foreign country that might affect the way they conduct their businesses. This way, organizations will save resources by not incurring losses that are ignorance-driven.

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International Leadership Development
International Leadership Development

Our International Leadership Development training is designed for managers, as well as business leaders, who work with multicultural teams in diverse cultural settings. The many benefits to this training include: Better management of culturally-diverse teams, better working relationships between managers and employees, and increased morale and productivity.

One Tongue  equips managers with the kind of business acumen that is necessary to manage culturally-diverse teams in global markets. The training will help you to ensure that your team plays a vital role towards the achievement of the common goal of the business.

International Teambuilding

International Teambuilding training offers you specific solutions on how you can steer your team to success, no matter how culturally-diverse the team members might be.

How we do this? 

  • By first and foremost analyzing the prevailing situation of your culturally-diverse team
  • Observing how each one of the members interact with each other
  • Identifying all the ways to improve the working relationships within the team.

    International Negotiation

    For all the businesses that grow to occupy global markets, managers and those in leadership positions, ultimately experience hardships when they conduct negotiations.  The disparity in cultural perspective sometimes affects how these business negotiations are handled, due to lack of a common ground.

    The training will help you become well versed with specific cultural elements of your potential target markets. You will handle negotiations in foreign markets from an informed perspective.


    International Communication

    The importance for new assignees, as well as managers to understand and properly communicate with those of other different cultures cannot be over emphasized. Our International Communication Programs offer you training on essential communication skills. Some of these skills include:

    • Virtual team training,
    • International presentation skills.
    • Facilitation skills of international meetings.
    • The essential communication skills that exist in a particular culture.

    We understand the importance of communicating with people across the borders. This is why we equip you with the necessary skills to interact with people successfully, on a global scale. 


    Global Change Management

    Our Global Change Management training has been developed to make sure that its participants respond appropriately to the constantly-changing global markets.

    With a deep understanding of these constant transformations, we ensure you learn the various ways through which you could predict future changes. This means that you are perfectly able to make decisions on critical issues, even before they take place.


    Virtual Workforce Management

    Our Virtual Workforce Management training assists businesses with georaphically dispersed teams. One Tongue will help you to become an efficient communicator, prevent losses incurred by inefficiency, and save wasted time.

    We can help you set up your virtual meeting room as well! With the assistance of our partner, Two Eyes. we will provide you with all the needed equipment.

    Management Conflict Resolution

    Whether your employees are fighting for the desk next to the window, or about something that is more serious, you need to respond instantly. Conflict resolution can lead to increased understanding among team members, better morale and productivity, and stronger teams and developed mutual respect.

    In order to drive the company’s success, neutrality and immediate response in solving cultural-based conflicts is the only way you could achieve this.

    Evaluation & Selection Services

    Relocating employees for businesses abroad is not a cheap endeavor. It is for this reason that business leaders should make sure that they have sent employees, who are most qualified for these tasks, to get returns.

    One Tongue helps employers and business leaders to identify the kind of employees to be sent out for assignments. Selected employees must have an understanding of different cultures, and an aptitude for accommodating people who belong to different cultures. Such assignments require flexible professionals, who can adapt easily to their new surroundings.



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