Impeccable communication skills are vital to achieving your career goals, but becoming fully proficient in a foreign language is never easy. One Tongue's Communication Skills Training offers solutions to some of the most challenging aspects of language acquisition, helping you communicate effectively and fluently with native speakers.

Our Communication Skills trainers will introduce you to various real-life situations to smooth out the edges so that your speech is authentic, fluid and confident.

Conversation Course


 This course encourages learners to take part in speaking activities with the goal of improving their communication skills in the target language. 

  • Trainers focus on enhancing listening and speaking skills
  • Materials are conversationally driven
  • Learners participate in debates and argue a stated position in the target language
  • Exercises sharpen critical thinking and analytic skills
  • The end result is that you are able to strike and maintain meaningful and coherent conversations with native speakers.


    Accent Reduction Course

    As much as we might be proud of our heritage and the way we speak, a heavy native accent can be an impediment to expression in a second language.

    One Tongue's professional accent trainers work with you to apply the peculiar sounds and tones that make up the target language. Being understood and maintaining fluent conversations will come more easily once you master pronunciation and proper inflection.

    Taking an Accent reduction course will boost your self-confidence, improve your presentation skills, and avoid embarrassing and time-wasting misunderstandings. Even the most proficient speakers can benefit from taking a little time to work on the finer points of tone, inflection and voice.

    Dialect Course


    Dialect Training is a lot of fun, and you get to choose which dialect you’d like to learn after achieving the basics in a target language. The idea is to have you not only speaking like a native, but one from a very distinctive part of the linguistic family.

    Here are some examples of Arabic and English  dialects:

  • Major dialects of the Arabic language include Levantine Arabic, Gulf Arabic, and Egyptian Arabic. 
  • English Language include European English, North American English, and Oceanic English.
  • Dialect Training is not limited to these two languages. We can help you with whatever dialect, or even sub-group of dialects, you wish to learn.

    Accuracy Course

    Accuracy courses are designed to help you make as few mistakes as possible while using your new language. It is ideal for those in the early stages of learning, as well as for proficient speakers seeking to perfect their abilities. 

    Our goal is to ensure you employ the language exactly as it would be spoken by an adult, native speaker. One Tongue’s trainers will use a communicative approach and help you converse at length on almost any subject with total accuracy and confidence.

    It is recommended that you also enroll in our Fluency courses. These compliment the Accuracy courses, ensuring that grammatical perfection is accompanied by fluid oral communication.

    Fluency Course

    Fluid expression is the hallmark of success when it comes to learning a new language. In addition to making fewer grammatical mistakes, mastery of a language means being able to speak it confidently and without hesitation.

    Trainers will work on your speaking and listening skills, encouraging you to use the target language in all of your communications. You will be presented with real-world situations within which to practice your fluency, and challenged to overcome hesitancy and self-doubt.

    The more you practice, the more fluent you will become – and a Fluency course will give you the tools to keep polishing your emerging skills.


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