A well-written document is your most effective tool for communicating ideas and sharing information.

The internet has now become the most popular means of global communication, and its emersion has made correct and error-free writing a necessity. The simple reality is that those who can compose fluent emails, social media posts, and blogs find it much easier to engage in meaningful communication than those who can’t.

Our Writing Programs are divided into two courses: Writing Skills and the Writing Arts. 

  • Master academic writing or business writing.
  • Sign up for journalism courses if you aspire to a professional career in reporting.
  • Explore your hidden talents and become a creative writer. 
  • Learn how to draw letters with experienced artists in our calligraphy workshops.
  • Both Writing Skills and Writing Arts are taught by experienced trainers who are highly qualified in their field. 

    Writing Skills


    Regardless of your occupation, writing skills are essential. The ability to write well sets you apart from the crowd, and it is our mission to equip you with these highly sought-after skills.

    Our Writing Skills courses are diverse, covering a number of areas which include both business and creative writing.

    At One Tongue, we will teach you to communicate your ideas effectively. You will then be able to access exciting new personal and professional opportunities as a polished writer.

    Writing Arts

    Writing in any language traditionally required a level of artistry that is becoming lost in the modern era. One Tongue’s Writing Arts courses seek to revive these ancient skills.

    With the assistance of our experienced artists, our students explore the artistic dimension of their chosen language through calligraphy courses, learning to appreciate its rich history from a very unique perspective.  

    You will learn about different writing tools and techniques, and experience the therapeutic benefits of putting words to paper. This training is also an essential part of preserving various cultural aspects of the target language, as you will find that culture and language are closely intertwined.


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