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We are a leading Language Service Provider that was founded, and continues to run on the ideology that seeks to bring together people from different cultural backgrounds, and who in most cases speak different languages. We believe that language is the most integral part in forging unity, and it is therefore why we have devoted our efforts in providing total integrative language solutions that ensure that people from different origins, at the end of the day, speak a common language.

Translation Services


One Tongue understands how translation matters a great deal to so many different people in all walks of life. Our clients vary from esteemed professionals, university students, to game producers and players. Removing the language barrier brings people together, which is an aspiration we work hard towards every day.



Interpretation is the spontaneous oral translation from the source language to the desired language. It is a task that requires very quick and accurate thinking. Interpretation requires a lot of dedication and patience.

All fields that have made multinational ventures would find interpreters to be extremely useful. Settings such as universities, courts, seminars, hospitals and many others employ interpreters.

If you would like to boost your business prospects, having One Tongue’s interpreters can definitely take you far.

  • The absence of a language barrier can be a colossal advantage for businesses.
  • It enables many more connections to be made and gives you a huge chance in the market.
  • New connections can lead to new and eye-opening perspectives.
  • Being able to translate on-the-spot is also very convenient. Such translation greatly hastens the decision-making process. A faster decision making process means more efficient business. It also indicates that your company is gaining presence on the global stage.



    Here, at One Tongue, the localization process is highly detailed and sophisticated and is meant for the adjustment of foreign content so that it becomes more suitable for the tastes and culture of the targeted local audience. It requires a large amount of research and detailed analysis of the lifestyle and conventions for the targeted demographic. Changes would be made within the product that may undermine its value to the intended populace.

    It is thus beyond any form of doubt that localization would be the wisest choice for companies who intend to export their products or services to foreign markets. People are always more likely to trust those they recognize, and localization aids a company’s recognition. The potential payoffs are enormous and the company’s growth would only multiply if the local people are fond of the company and willing to embrace it with open arms.


    Translating creative materials requires much more than simply swapping words between languages. Of greater significance would be the accurate depiction of the idea behind the original message, and producing content that closely resemble the spirit and sensations raised by the original language’s unique wording.

    On top of mastery of both target and source languages, this requires the translator to have his own cultivated sense of creativity in order to fully understand out-of-the-box ideas and subsequently be capable of producing a satisfying equivalent in another language.

    The kind of content that is suited to transcreation encompasses: taglines and slogans, logos and brand names, product and sales pages, campaigns, videos and animations, commercials, and any other content that is meant to evoke an emotional and thought-provoking response from consumers.

    Opting to use transcreation in your business or media productions can reap you many forms of lucrative rewards.

  • It can successfully engage audiences of other cultural backgrounds in a similar way the original message attracted its own audience.
  • It can also help increase a message’s exposure, and possibly give it global recognition. Having a larger audience means having more people willing to buy your product or partake in your cause.
  • Machine Translation

    Pure machine translation is perhaps the most convenient form of translation that is available to the public today. It is the automated translation of text by a computer or program, with no human involvement. 

    At One Tongue we can offer you affordable machine translations. Our specialist dictionaries are attentively assembled and cultivated by experts to focus on certain industries or disciplines. Our rules-based systems usually deliver consistent translations with accurate terminology, when trained with specialist dictionaries. 

    Such translation systems can be useful when you need to translate a vast amount of materials in a short amount of time, or when you are working within the confines of a budget. Even if you don’t intend to use the translation when writing company circulars or other official documents, you can still use them to gain a basic understanding of foreign messages. Since it is all automated, the resources and tools of the program are available whenever you need them.

    Training Programs

    Our Cultural and Language Programs are both pegged on this understanding. We understand that the only way people from different backgrounds can relate to each other smoothly, is only by forging interactions on issues that emphasize on their similarities.

    • B.D.

      "We are enjoying our Arabic lessons. Little by little, we are learning some. Our teacher is very enjoyable person and knows a lot. We also enjoy the culture part of the lessons. We can ask any question and he is always willing to answer."

    • J.B.

      "My language training is going great! I could not be happier with my teacher. He is very good and I only wish I could learn as well as he instructs. It will take me some time, but I'm happy with my progress so far."

    • L.S.

      "We have made great progress. We are chatting in Arabic! I have an excellent teacher, just what I need to get extra motivated."

    • G.C.

      "I have had about five lessons now with my new tutor. Everything is going very well. He is helping my comprehension and conversation. Both of my tutors have been excellent. Thanks again! Ma'assalama!"


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