This course encourages learners to take part in speaking activities with the goal of improving their communication skills in the target language. 

  • Trainers focus on enhancing listening and speaking skills
  • Materials are conversationally driven
  • Learners participate in debates and argue a stated position in the target language
  • Exercises sharpen critical thinking and analytic skills
  • The end result is that you are able to strike and maintain meaningful and coherent conversations with native speakers.


    Formal Language

    Many of our learners chose to study the standard or formal version of their target language. This is the language used by public figures, newscasters and members of the legal profession among many others. This may the right choice for those who are still in school, or are learning a new language solely for the purpose of conducting business transactions or drafting formal documents.

    One Tongue’s professional trainers can meet your need for formal language skills and adapt the training to your requirements. If you need to excel in your professional communications, we are here to help you shine.

    Colloquial Language

    Colloquial language training is the inverse of our formal language offerings. Here, we learn in a more relaxed environment, focussing on how people speak to each other in everyday exchanges.

    Becoming integrated into a foreign community requires the ability to speak informally with friends, colleagues and neighbours. Learning the colloquial language is important for anyone who wants to gain a rapport, express themselves more openly, and build new relationships.

    One Tongue's qualified colloquial language trainers will drill down to the basics of your target language, delving into the oddities that you won’t find in the standard texts, and have you speaking like a local in no time.


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