Total Immersion is the fastest way to become fully proficient in a second language and at ease in a foreign culture. Our programs, in partnership with relocation specialists TE&OT, make it possible for you to travel abroad and be surrounded by native speakers.

During your training, you’ll have an unparalleled opportunity to experience the community’s history, culture, art, fashion, food and daily lifestyles. You’ll be encouraged to use your target language in all of your interactions, building spontaneity, self-confidence and aptitude. You’ll also have the chance to engage in social activities that will further your experience of local customs and activities.


Standard Course

It is a requirement that students enrolled in our Standard Course abroad engage in meaningful learning activities for at least four hours a day. The rest of their time can be spent in sightseeing and disparate cultural activities.

The structure of the course is highly flexible, dependent on the needs and preferences of both students and instructors. The priority is to establish a method of learning that works best for the student in learning a new language.

Combination Languages

If you wish to learn more than one new language simultaneously, our Combination Languages program can accommodate your needs. Once you register in a Total Immersion course, we will arrange for you to travel to a bilingual destination such as Canada or Morocco. There, you will be provided with instruction and support in both target languages, effectively doubling your knowledge base and maximizing your chances of success.

Selective Course

To enhance the Total Immersion experience, we offer courses based on a student’s personal areas of interest. The instructor uses the selected topics to build language skills in a manner that makes the experience both relevant and engaging. This has proven to be a very effective teaching method as the subject matter is tailored to the student’s stated needs.

Several topics are offered in these selective courses, including business-related subjects like how to navigate a presentation or give an effective interview. Broader subjects are also offered, which include lessons in the use of jargon for an extra touch of language mastery.

University Admission

In partnership with some of the best universities in the world, One Tongue has assisted thousands of students to secure admission with the institution of their choice.

There is no question that a tertiary education is your ticket to securing an enviable job placement. Language barriers, however, can often pose a challenge to admission and hinder success at university. One Tongue offers ongoing language training to all of our participants, enabling them to both register and keep up with the subsequent course work.


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