Global Professionals

The Global Professionals Program is tailored specifically for mature students, those over the age of twenty who wish to learn a new language as part of their career development. These motivated learners tend to be active professionals looking to either refresh their language skills or learn a new language to enhance their qualifications.

  • In acquiring the fundamental language building-blocks, students practice communicating in familiar settings such as travel, commerce and leisure activities. In doing so, they learn about cultural differences and the nuances of applying language skills in a foreign environment. Practical applications include telephone etiquette and office correspondence, along with more general conversational tools for meetings and business purposes.
  • The Global Professionals Program is particularly well suited to students preparing for an assignment abroad. It provides not only a firm footing in a new language, but explores the cultural subtleties of living in a foreign country. 

    If you are wanting to learn a new language for professional reasons, or are about to embark on a career overseas, the Global Professionals Program was created for you. We will give you the skills to communicate and engage with confidence, wherever your future career aspirations may lead.


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