Our Multicultural Database exploits every aspect of cultural intelligence that exists in a particular organization. The information covered within this database is only accessible to those with due clearance from the concerned client.

These Databases also make use of various experiences of the employees within the organization. The main focus is normally on those that originate from other countries in order to create a neutral link for every member. 

  • Your Database will act as a global hub through which employees within an organization are connected to each other, when assigned duties around the globe.
  • Spouses of the assignees, as well as their children can have an access to the database.
  • Employees working in culturally-diverse teams as well, can benefit from the collective cultural intelligence.
  • The Database can also include new information concerning cultural business practices, as well as specific case studies that might come in handy to our clients in their day-to-day assignments. 

    If you feel the  need to have your Human Resources intervene in matters to do with  pre-program questioners, as well as evaluations, this resource center possess the ability to have this handled online.



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