Workplaces have become increasingly diverse, and are made up of people who belong to disparate cultures and different places of origin. 

Our training covers all topics related to diversity, including issues to do with gender, age, ethnicity, and social status. We make sure you have acquired a  cultural consciousness, and developed a sound perspective as you  interact with culturally-diverse co-workers. 


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Unconscious Bias and Micro-inequities
Racial and Ethnic Diversity

One Tongue works towards curbing the potential discrimination, and eventual conflicts that might arise from rampant stereotypes. As a participant, you are trained on various ways through which you could deal with such discrimination in the workplace, to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Some of the fun areas that are covered within this program include; the different ways of preparing the native meals, how different music is composed, amongst other concepts. 

Disability Sensitivity &Awareness

This program offers all the participants comprehensive insights on the challenges faced by people with disabilities, in their places of work.

This course helps participants identify the most common stereotypes so they can learn how to avoid them. These stereotypes include:Treating people with disabilities as a burden, assuming they are unable to accomplish tasks, implying they are "special" or put them on a pedestal, or implying they are gifted despite their disabilities.


Religious Diversity

Although most workplaces are secular, most of their employees are not. Religion widely affects a lot of people’s perceptions, so our course covers a lot of areas that concern different religions.

This course ensures that participants are aware of the various faiths and beliefs that exist in their workplaces. Your organization will become religiously inclusive, and as a result, it will have more success with recruitment and retention, witness improvement in productivity, function more successfully across cultures, and acquire a broader client base. 


Multi-generational Diversity

Four generations of employees are currently working side by side. One of the challenges of having multiple generations in the workplace is getting them to respect their differences and work harmoniously.   

Our Multi-generational Diversity training will help your employees to move beyond stereotypes, and recognize the talents that each group possesses. The training also ensures that business and organizational leaders are educated on various ways through which they could manage their staff members who belong to different age groups.

LGBT Inclusion

As part of our all-inclusivity agenda, our LGBT Inclusion training seeks to make you aware of the various effects of institutionalized homophobia to an organization.

This training will help you acquire a more positive perspective on the sexual minorities in your organization, and it will provide you with techniques to incoporate in your daily routine office, to enhance inclusivity. 

By maintaining  inclusive work environments, companies and corporations help their staff feel recognized only for their contribution at work. This way, their productivity and their social input are bound to be increased.

Conflict Resolution

When people of different age groups, cultural backgrounds, genders, religions and even sexual orientations work together, conflicts might be the order of the day. By teaching you various techniques that you can apply in coming up with solutions to maintain a harmonious working environment, this program is the answer to all cultural-diversity-propagated conflicts.

With this kind of knowledge, you can avoid conflict on a personal level, and educate others on the importance of being open minded on issues to do with the diversity that exists within the group.

Nothing can be worse for the workplace, than poorly-managed conflicts. Enroll in our program and learn how to quell conflicts and help your team meet performance expectations.

Harassment Prevention & Resolution

Harassment in places of work is not confined to a single aspect. It could be based on gender, national identity, religion bases, race, age, disability, being pregnant, amongst other insensitive reasons.

Harassment based on these insubstantial reasoning, is tantamount to discrimination. We ensure that you understand the importance of being proactive by curbing this vice. Whether you are an entry-level employee or in a managerial position, any form of harassment at a place of work is covered within this training course.

Unconscious Bias and Micro-inequities

As much as we might try to curb different forms of harassments, sometimes propagating sexism, misogyny, or even racism can happen unconsciously, and could often disrupt the workplace. 

Micro-inequity refers to the ways people get overlooked or singled out, because of their race or gender, among other reasons.  

Micro-inequities are a bit hard to prove in places of work, and are often the result of preconceived notions. We work step by step to help you dicard this kind of perspective and maintain proper behavior in the workplace. 



Diversity and the Law

If you are a manager at your place of work, then this training works perfectly in ensuring that you are aware of the various laws that govern the workplace.

Participants learn  those who work under them, are protected by the law from any form harassment, mistreatment, as a result of their being culturally diverse.

You will learn that could be tantamount to discrimination. It is therefore important for you to make sure that you toe the line when it comes to managing employees in your organization, so you do not behave in a manner that could be interpreted as unlawful and unfair employment practice. 



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