The importance for new assignees, as well as managers to understand and properly communicate with those of other different cultures cannot be over emphasized. Our International Communication Programs offer you training on essential communication skills. Some of these skills include:

  • Virtual team training,
  • International presentation skills.
  • Facilitation skills of international meetings.
  • The essential communication skills that exist in a particular culture.
  • We understand the importance of communicating with people across the borders. This is why we equip you with the necessary skills to interact with people successfully, on a global scale. 

    Multicultural Etiquette Training

    It's important for you to be culturally-intelligent, especially when you are a foreigner in unfamiliar social circles. Our Multicultural Etiquette Training helps you learn the rules that govern people’s etiquette, and train you on how you should properly behave in a given social setting.

    We also train you on various new culture-specific non-verbal concepts that belong to a certain society, such as the gesturing and the corresponding interpretations of the body language. 

    Diversity Training

    Workplaces have become increasingly diverse, and are made up of people who belong to disparate cultures and different places of origin. 

    Our training covers all topics related to diversity, including issues to do with gender, age, ethnicity, and social status. We make sure you have acquired a  cultural consciousness, and developed a sound perspective as you  interact with culturally-diverse co-workers. 



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