All forms of business require clear and concise communication with potential clients or investors.

This program has been designed to cover everything our students need to know to master a business language. We understand how difficult it can be to convince someone of the merits of your product or service, compelling them to spend money on your wares or ideas. Our Business Language training will give you the comfort level and ability to communicate with ease in a business environment.

Through the Business Language Program, you'll acquire the basic building blocks of business language which include:

  • Pitching the best business presentation to both potential clients and investors.
  • Taking part in business meetings.
  • Using the appropriate language skills to negotiate effectively.
  • Writing professional business emails and reports.
  • Improving and polishing your current business language skills.
  • At One Tongue, we don't adopt a "one size fits all" approach. Rather, our programs are tailor-made to address specific needs. Our Business Language Programs are designed according to the job function of every participant, equipping them with real-world skills to take back to the workplace.


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