Participants follow tailored lessons in journalism that enable them to develop an ear for news. You’ll become more observant and talented at judging whether a story or occurrence is truly newsworthy.

These workshops will improve your journalistic instincts and give you a competitive edge. Additionally, we will teach you to write with empathy so that your readers will relate more easily to your stories.

Our trainers, all of whom are professional journalists, work extremely hard to equip you with the necessary skills to excel as a professional writer. 

Feature Writing

Our training in Feature Writing helps participants create outstanding stories. We also teach all of our participants how to engage with the editors, designers and other professionals who make the publication of their work a reality.

  • Create powerful headlines to draw readers to your articles.
  • Compose subheadings that engage the reader and invite them to explore the full article.
  • Develop your reporting skills
  • Craft a unique voice and impressive narrative skills.
  • If you’re looking for excellence, our Feature Writing courses offer you an unparalleled opportunity to learn what it takes to get published, grow your readership, and become a successful feature writer.

    Narrative Non-Fiction

    The Narrative Non-fiction workshop enables our participants to compose a story or article relating to a real event in a manner that is captivating for their readers.  

    Participants interact with each other in storytelling, and are given the opportunity to share their ideas.

  • Our highly-qualified tutors provide lessons on narrative journalism, explaining the core components of an excellent story.
  • Learn about such things as character development, structure, and narrative voice as you perfect your own unique style.
  • The ethics of narrative journalism are also discussed in this comprehensive training.
  • This is the right course if you’re looking to delve deeply into the world of narrative non-fiction, enabling you to become the proficient writer you aspire to be.


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